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Here you can find information on features and bugs we are working on. To prevent spam and inappropriate reports, it is read-only for the public though. Use the forum to report bugs instead.

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Known bugs and problems in the current version

ID Description Since Ver.
170 Allow setting any date/time for files and folders 4.5
179 Overburning does no longer work in data burning mode 4.5


A list of all recent changes in CDBurnerXP, a full list is also available.

+ New Feature
* Changed/Improved Feature
! Fixed Bug
- Removed Feature (possibly because of many bugs)

Version - 2019-11-19 19:19 UTC
  • *
    Better error message when trying to create an ISO image without files
  • !
    Fixed potential OverflowException in speed selection
Version - 2019-03-24 17:39 UTC
  • !
    Fixed: Selected burning speed may change while burning multiple copies

Development log

2017-10-17, Tuesday
6759Fixed tab order in audio track properties
2017-10-16, Monday
6756Updated language file
6755Using existing translation
6754Updated language file
2017-10-15, Sunday
6752Optional crossfading for audio discs
6751Updated language file
6750Version bump
2017-09-26, Tuesday
6731Updated StarBurnX
2017-08-02, Wednesday
6722Updated StarBurn
2017-06-16, Friday
6675Added logging level setting
2017-06-13, Tuesday
6670Adjusted methods for refreshing drive information
2017-06-09, Friday
6665Updated StarBurn
2017-05-07, Sunday
6629Test Build error
6628Test Build error
6627Fixed compiler
6626Removed unnecessary dispose call
6625DPI improvements for video DVD dialog
2017-04-17, Monday
6604DPI improvements for ISO image dialog
6603Resource file update
6602DPI improvements for copy disc dialog
2017-04-11, Tuesday
6595Fixed potential crash when refreshing media info
2017-03-26, Sunday
6578Updated Fusion SDK
2017-03-12, Sunday
6563Disabled ads in silent mode
2017-02-19, Sunday
6541Updated id-ID translation (installer)
2017-02-15, Wednesday
6535Updated id-ID translation
2017-01-22, Sunday
6510Fixed incorrect errror handling in import session dialog
6509Fixed: Audio tracks might be reprocessed again when burning multiple copies
6485Updated StarBurn (issue: ISO files may not be ripped correctly)
2016-11-13, Sunday
6435Made fast folder synchronisation optional (UserSettings.ini -> [General]
-> UseFastFolderSynchronisation). As long as disabled, the directory
tree will show all sub folders. This may not work in some cases though
(network paths with partial permissions on the selected file tree).
2016-11-09, Wednesday
6424Added Continue/Abort choice in warning message if not all tracks could be
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